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Depending on the nature of the morphological elements, nodular-horny, nodular-vesicular, pemphigoid (bullous) and vegetative forms are distinguished.

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Nodular elements can be grouped, merge, especially on the face, scalp, with the formation of plaques covered with greasy dirty scales or serous-hemorrhagic layers, somewhat reminiscent of foci of seborrheic eczema; the skin in these places has a greasy sheen, the hair follicles are enlarged. In some cases, when the process is localized in the collapsed folds of the body, the foci appear as erythematous-weeping plaques with slit-like tortuous erosion-cracks on the surface.

During the progression of the disease, an inflammatory phlyctenous rim along the edge of the focus is clearly visible. Vegetations often develop in the genital area and around the anus. With the development of a secondary pyococcal or fungal infectionmanifestations of pyoderma, candidiasis, etc. come to the fore in the clinical picture of follicular dyskeratosis.

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Pirard et al. observed patients in whom, simultaneously with papulo-crustal, papulo-bubble elements, vesicles prevailed at certain stages of tadalafil pills of the disease; sometimes the latter were the main morphological elements. At the same time, the clinical picture resembled an eczematous process. Darier's disease is not exclusively a follicular disease, proof of this is the defeat of the palms and mucous membranes. Palmar-plantar hyperkeratosis is observed in 10-15% of cases.

In some patients, the mucous membrane of the vagina, larynx, pharynx and esophagus is affected. The clinical picture of Darier's disease on the mucous membranes can be different: in the form of light white nodules or white linear thickenings that stimulate leukoplakia. In some cases, as on the skin, figured rashes are noted, mainly vesicular. The base of the oral cavity is never affected. The tongue is affected in severe cases and resembles a scrotal tongue. Typical rashes of dyskeratosis on the mucous membranes usually do not cause subjective sensations, pain and burning are observed in eroded forms. The disease is often systemic.

On the nail plates with follicular dyskeratosis, furrows, depressions, areas of turbidity, subungual hyperkeratosis can form. Zaias et al. (1973) in 7 out of 37 patients histologically found specific changes in the subungual bed of affected nails (lacunae, acantholytic cells, multinucleated giant epithelioid cells.

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Data on the frequency of lesions of the oral mucosa in patients with follicular dyskeratosis are very contradictory and range from 15 to 50%. The first description of lesions of the oral mucosa was made by Reenstierna in 1917. As many authors note, rashes in the mouth are often localized on the gums, tongue and buccal mucosa, but the hard and soft palate are most often affected. Along with damage to the skin and mucous membranes, mental disorders (depression, memory weakness, mental retardation, etc.), various endocrinopathies, dysfunctions of internal organs, and defects in the development of bone tissue are noted. The general condition remains satisfactory.

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The course of the disease is chronic with prolonged spontaneous remissions. Corticosteroids (prednisolone 15-30 mg per day), antihistamines, vitamin A, antibiotics, general starch baths, etc .; externally - Castellani liquid, corticosteroid and salicylic ointments. In stubborn cases, Bucca or X-ray therapy is used. There are observations about the positive effect of aromatic retinoids.

Darier's disease (RN) is an autosomal dominant disorder discovered by the French dermatologist Fiinand-Jean Darier. Daria is characterized by dark, cruel spots on the skin, which are badly sulfuric and emit a strong odor. These patches, also known as keratotic papules, keratosis follicis, or dyskeratosis follicis, most commonly appear on the crypt, anterior margin, upper arms, testicles, back, knees, elbows, and behind the ear.

Mild forms of tadalafil 20 mg pills are the most common, only skin ra that flare up under certain conditions such as high humidity, high stress or tightening of clothing. Short stature, combined with poorly formed nails that contain vertical grooves, is diagnosed even in mild forms of DAR. Symptoms will typically appear in late childhood or early adulthood between the ages of 15 and 30 and will fluctuate for one lifetime.

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